Documentation and analysis for arcplan Enterprise® - quick and easy. The platform to create interactive and semi-automated analysis scenarios and documentation based on dedicated notation methods.

As with every other software technology, also with the arcplan it is almost indispensable to standardize system components, interfaces and application structures and above all to document these, in order to facilitate maintenance and scalability of established applications and to make these comprehensible for others. The Object orienteering of the designers of arcplan application and the resulting storing of objects formats and documents in core image libraries allows a fast and simple development of inquiries and complex information systems, however it hardly offers possibilities to document these adequately and above all holistically. For this usually programs from the Microsoft Office range such as Word, Visio, PowerPoint and Excel are used. This however leads to information being applied and maintained fragmented, frequently without a notation approach and pretty often without cross references within the different sources, so that the search for details is pedantic and time-consuming. Besides, such conventional approaches are usually completely static, they contain hardly any automatisms and the amount of work for the production and care of such a document is relatively high. On the one hand a notation approach which fits to the arcplan applications is thus missing and on the other hand, integrated automatisms, which permit the developer to manifest document relevant contents already during the application production without further work steps or features to a comprehensive documentation.

The SYNAXUS TraceMiner helps to save valuable time with the development and documentation and therefore it helps to increase cost-efficiency sustainably.

This is exactly where TraceMiner will work for you. It is a platform for the production of interactive and partly automated analysis scenarios and documentations on the basis of dedicated notation methods. The SYNAXUS TraceMiner is a specially developed tool for arcplan Enterprise which supports the user reliably with all analysis and documentation. By using meaningful reference charts, the so-called TraceMaps and TraceFlows, and comprehensive documentation functions, complex application structures can be documented effectively and comprehensibly without large amount of time and effort.

SYNAXUS TraceMiner supports arcplan users within all important areas of application development:

  • Maintenance and development
  • Project planning
  • Documentation
  • Quality assurance

The whole product information is also available as PDF in our download area!

Download SYNAXUS TraceMiner Product Flyer

SYNAXUS TraceMiner Offer

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