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What is SYNAXUS TraceMiner?

SYNAXUS TraceMiner is a tool specifically designed for arcplan Enterprise® which supports users in all analysis and documentation tasks reliably. Using meaningful reference diagrams, the so-called TraceMaps or TraceFlows, and comprehensive documentation functions, complex application structures can be sustainable and reasonable designed and documented without large expenditure of time. This holistic methodology framework implemented further helps to harmonize and standardize the arcplan development and provides in this way a platform for sustainable quality assurance.

Who should use SYNAXUS TraceMiner?

SYNAXUS TraceMiner is suitable for everyone who applies arcplan Enterprise® and designs its individual dashboards, scorecards, and other reports with the arcplan Application Designer.

What are the system requirements?

The minimum requirements to operate SYNAXUS TraceMiner on the system are:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: at least 1000 MHz
RAM: at least 2000 MB
Hard-disk space: 50 MB installation and at least 150 MB as reserve for databases (depending on project size)
Additional programs: .net Framework 3.5 (or higher)
How much does SYNAXUS TraceMiner cost?

The prices for the SYNAXUS TraceMiner vary depending on version and number of licenses. You can get a non-binding offer here.

Can I continue to use my database from sxTrace 1.0/TraceMiner 2.0 with TraceMiner 2.5?

No. Using an older database (prior to version 2.5), including the database of the Beta-version, is not possible.

Can I use the database of sxTrace 1.0 / TraceMiner 2.0 / TraceMiner 2.5 for TraceMiner 3.0?

The internal databases of the older TraceMiner versions can not be used with the latest version. However, if you change the database connection of the TraceMiner 3.0 to an external SQL Server, you can either transfer the projects from the internal TraceMiner 3.0 database or from an existing external TraceMiner 2.5 database. If you run the second variant, all existing projects must be imported again

Is it possible to install and/or use TraceMiner 2.5 parallel to TraceMiner 2.0?

SYNAXUS TraceMiner 2.5 can be installed and run concurrently with an existing sxTrace 1.0 Pro installation. It also can be installed parallel to TraceMiner 2.0, but it can’t be executed concurrently with TraceMiner 2.0, due to the features concerning the interoperability with the arcplan application designer.

Is it possible to install TraceMiner 3.0 parallel to older TraceMiner versions (sxTrace 1.0 / TraceMiner 2.0 / TraceMiner 2.5)?

SYNAXUS TraceMiner 3.0 can be installed and operated parallel to your existing installations of TraceMiner (as well as sxTrace 1.0).

Is it possible to install and/or use TraceMiner 3.5 parallel to TraceMiner 3.0?

SYNAXUS TraceMiner 3.5 can be installed parallel to TraceMiner 3.0, but it can’t be executed concurrently with TraceMiner 3.0, due to the features concerning the interoperability with the arcplan application designer.

What can I do if the TraceMiner is not activated successfully?

a) The question is whether activation should take place via e-mail.

b) After confirmation, the e-mail program is opened with a new message with the fields pre-populated. Send this e-mail as simple text mail (not in HTML!) and without personal changes.

c) If no e-mail client is detected on your computer, you will receive a further message.

d) In case c, the complete e-mail text is opened in a dialog window (possibly also in the editor, browser, as a URL in the browser, ...). This e-mail text is already in the clipboard.

Example for a mail-text:

mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=TraceMiner | Key Activation

body=v34aLZ0ll8CsAysHhyLLqefgTJl2PNE5uXA2nKse48YTyqLACb O9Ssdfs/nWYs7SBMdRUg+rcZSGi7YToWngEPApKB7reJYzxDOU3Ah lksa789Z0pgCday90PZmccHRWzs4sakie3TiZvNs9qaiA4t92Kwj+s u9pFFGqimBWp+KLXMs4bt/TUF/SDkIUug3DMQgLaWD+j/w==

Paste this text (from the clipboard or copied from the dialog box) into a new e-mail with the following:

- Set the text part to mailto (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

- Set the text part to subject (TraceMiner | Key Activation)

- Set the text part to body as mail text (Blob-Text, ends with ==)

Send this e-mail as simple text mail (not in HTML!) and without personal changes.

both cases of email activation, keep TraceMiner licensing windows open until you receive an e-mail notification with an activated license.

e) After you have sent the license activation e-mail (case c or d), you will receive an e-mail with a new activated license. Upload this license in the open TraceMiner licensing window. This can no longer be activated. Next, close the licensing dialog and restart TraceMiner.

Why can I not apply documation?

Apply documation can only be used if a connection to a SQL Server exists. This can be created in the options in the connections section.

Why can I not use the SVN functions?

To use the SVN features, a TortoiseProc.exe must be selected in the Tortoise SVN field in the otions in the external resources section

Is there a way to display all incoming and/or outgoing references (including the associated objects) for an entire document in the TraceFlow?

Yes, there is one.
For a quick visualization of all references all documents of the project should be assigned to either none or just one category. After picking the desired document for the middle column, all documents must be selected for each of the other two columns. When the TraceFlow is generated for the middle columns, all incoming and/or outgoing references will be shown.

For a more elegant and much more sustainable solution, it is recommended to assign categories according to the Encapsulated Model Architecture (EMA). This can be of fundamental importance for a future documentation.

In arcplan it sometimes happens that referenced objects are no longer available. Can I track these with the TraceMiner 2.5?

Especially for this case, the search module of TraceMiner 2.5 gives you the opportunity to search for "Objects with obsolete references". With this feature all objects can be displayed which relate to a non-existing object.

Why is the appearance of SYNAXUS TraceMiner not correct if the Windows text size is set to more than 100%?

In that cases we know this is not due to the settings of the text size itself but to the adjustment of the DPI-settings. A check mark is set in the option „Use Windows XP style DPI scaling“. Because SYNAXUS TraceMiner doesn’t support Windows XP, since an incorrect representation of the program interface is caused when using TraceMiner in context with Windows XP.

To solve this problem:

  1. Open the „Display“-settings window via Start > Control Panel > Display.
  2. On the left side select „Set custom text size (DPI)“.
  3. In the following dialog box, first select the desired percentage value. Then remove the check mark (if available) from the checkbox „Use Windows XP style DPI scaling“.
  4. Confirm your settings in the dialog box „Custom DPI Setting“ and also in the „Display“ window. (To apply the settings, you have to log on your system again.)
end faq

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